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brings the power of data and ai to work for media companies, retailers, B2B Vendors and individual publishers.

Its transformative technology creates a true digital ecosystem platform for communities of all types.

Our Products About Us

Data Empowerment for Publishers

A joint venture between Crivella Technologies and 535media,
MeSearch is a platform company that uses artificial intelligence and patented search technology to find, ingest, analyze and output content including articles, ads, products for sale, and almost any other type of digital object.

MeSearch technology is used in a variety of ways to gather digital content and deliver a personalized, localized content experience into any environment. The products are particularly well suited for small or very large content networks.

Decades of language analysis across a large variety of industries created a rich base of topical understanding. That base is constantly expanding as more and more content is analyzed.

MeSearch has brought this core technology to the publishing industry and has expanded it to create a platform. On this platform, a digital ecosystem that respects the value of content is coming to life.

Our Value Proposition

We empower publishers, businesses, communities and individuals to create the most efficient digital ecosystems.

The MeSearch platform allows publishers to use automation to pull in content from multiple sources. It also allows users to easily generate content. And, Readers? They get what they’re looking for and is predicted to appeal to them.

MeSearch matches a user with the best content, ads, and products within the specifications of the publisher.  The platform is constantly searching, constantly learning, and always improving its performance as it receives input and feedback.

The enormous value to the industry will become evident as these digital ecosystems begin to multiply and, together, form networks of content, ads, and products.

Problems to Solve

Publishers need a data-driven audience and revenue solution as wells as the ability to participate in content sharing networks.
Consumers have a deep interest in local and other news and information including things to do and stories about, and offers from, local businesses. BUT they expect personalization to deliver relevant experiences, want to engage in the process, AND have their privacy respected.  

Consumers’ perspective: “Save me time, keep me informed, hear what’s important to me, and protect my privacy ”

Publisher 1

“Our big gap — how can we track each user relationship to all content & products and drive digital subscriptions at the same time?”

Publisher 2

“How can we compete with big tech to deliver personalized user experiences and still deliver local news with limited resources?”

Publisher 3

“Privacy laws – we respect the privacy of our readers but these new privacy laws are demanding so much, how can we possibly comply with them.”

Our Solutions To These Challanges

A technology platform that empowers publishers and their tech vendors with actionable data science and allows for content sharing networks.


Audience/Revenue Growth
AI-driven personalized user experiences that deepen engagement and drives visitor frequency

Automated and personalized e-newsletters at scale feed the consumer subscription/membership funnel


First-Party Data Network
Create a hyper-local digital ecosystem of communities within any region

Connect the digital ecosystem and/or regional content to a national network of publishers and advertisers to share revenue and audiences


Privacy Compliance
Complete privacy law compliance with the same system that personalizes content, ads and eCommerce products

Privacy compliance that can be customized to publisher desires to enhance user relationships

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