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Chief Technology Officer


Mr. Crivella is a business change expert, inventor of internet technologies, integrated systems engineer, organizational designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Most of Art’s experience has been in planning strategic business change and designing virtual business processes and technologies. His greatest skills are working collaboratively with internal subject experts to identify solutions to complex business challenges and developing organizational support for making significant business improvements. Mr. Crivella is a thought leader in artificial intelligence, advanced computational and analytical methods, business virtualization, and large-scale web-based systems architecture.  Art has facilitated nationally award-winning business improvements and has been widely recognized for his systems engineering expertise. His experience encompasses financial systems, manufacturing, military, weapon systems, online news, advertising, complex litigation, electronic commerce, food products, aerospace, and pioneering work in using artificial intelligence for tangible business benefits.

Crivella’s patents remain at the forefront of machine learning, knowledge management, and the use of the internet for conducting business operations.  Art has undertaken more than a dozen major business development projects, including designing new major corporations and the systematic improvements of existing operations. Today, Art Crivella is the CEO of Crivella Technologies Limited, a company performing basic research in artificial intelligence and developing software solutions for professional services related to corporate risk mitigation.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Crivella created the international advanced research capabilities leading to the canonization of Saint John Henry Neuman. Art has employed artificial intelligence in leading civil rights and voting rights litigations leading to major victories empowering the voting of minorities in the United States. 

Chief Executive Officer


Joseph R. Lawrence – jlawrence@triblive.com

With three decades of legal and business experience culled from banking, real estate, mergers & acquisitions, media, and advertising, Joe joined Trib Total Media and helped with its business and digital transformation. He was instrumental in starting 535media, a digital advertising agency, and has been leading its programming and development department since 2015.

As VP of Investments and General Counsel for Trib Total Media / 535media, Joe has been active in technology start-ups, joint ventures, and acquisitions. All of this led to Joe seeing the opportunity for publishers to bring together the technology of Crivella’s Knowlege Kiosk with the tremendous content and advertising capabilities of the publishing industry. He serves as the CEO of MeSearch.

Out of the office, Joe serves as a leader with the Boy Scouts of America and is an avid outdoorsman. As further proof of his resolve to get the job done, Joe served for decades leading community development organizations in Pittsburgh’s Northside area and helped envision and deliver on a $5.5 million fundraising effort to establish a charter high school for the arts (Westinghouse Arts Academy).

Joe has a Bachelors of Science in Finance degree from the University of South Florida, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and a Certificate from the Business Analytics Program at Harvard Business School and the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Jennifer Bertetto

One word perfectly sums up Jennifer: Dedication. It’s there in every aspect of her life. Take, for example, her almost three decades of experience in media and publishing. She began as a stringer for the sports department at the Valley News Dispatch — while still in high school. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, she became a sales rep for the Tribune-Review’s burgeoning expansion into the Pittsburgh market in 1997. Jennifer’s dedication took her upward — from sales manager to majors accounts director, then advertising director, then Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In 2015, she became President and CEO of Trib Total Media. Yet, with every goal she completes, Jennifer continues to look ahead — and in 2016, she helped launch 535media.

As a board member for the News Media Alliance, representing over 2,000 news organizations and their multiplatform businesses around the world, Jennifer has her finger on the pulse of the digital evolution of the news industry — from finding ways clients can gain online revenue to developing alternative revenue streams and engaging audiences.

When she’s not helping clients uncover their company’s unique digital potential, Jennifer helps organizations like the National Aviary and Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley become even stronger. And you want dedication? Fun fact Jennifer has exercised every day for over 3,300 days. Now that’s dedication!

Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

Mary Geever

Mary Geever serves as legal counsel and assists with the day-to-day finances of MeSearch.  Mary participated in the formation of MeSearch, and since its inception, she has applied her knowledge and skills to help MeSearch grow into a successful platform technology company.  

Mary is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh School of Law.  She has privately practiced in many areas of business law and operated her successful law firms.  Mary also serves as in-house counsel for Crivella Technologies Limited, where she has for over 15 years applied her legal and management expertise to a company that invents and patents technologies that are transforming industries and business processes. During her tenure, she has been involved in all aspects of the day-to-day management of the company as well as business development, including devising commercial pricing plans, negotiating contracts, and developing commercial and privacy terms.

Team Members

Lead Business Process Network Architect

Martha Boak

Martha Boak serves Crivella Technologies as Partner and Lead Business Process Network Architect. In this capacity, Ms. Boak is responsible for ensuring the match of the business process networks to the demands of subscribers and users. She is responsible for initiation and skills development of all new account holders and users, data migration and for assisting clients in exploiting the features and capabilities of these systems. She is an expert in corporate risk mitigation and management, case assessment and management, and litigation document merit and privilege review. Ms. Boak has previously served Crivella Technologies in finance, human resource management, and corporate administration networks.

Chief Systems Architect

Wayne Ackman

Wayne Ackman serves Crivella Technologies as Partner and Chief Systems Architect. Mr. Ackman is responsible for all software engineering and development, computing infrastructure and network design and security. In these roles, Mr. Ackman contributes significantly to the technical designs for all of Crivella Technologies developed systems capabilities, including it’s business process networks, data fusion, AI and computational analytics systems.

Data Scientist

Justin Stickel

Justin is a Data Scientist and Developer working on developing analytical systems to classify content and matching it with user interests and desires. Previously, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Astrophysics and Mathematics. Before his tenure at MeSearch Media Technologies Limited, he worked at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Human Genetics and the Center for Craniofacial and Dental Genetics, building tool analytical tools for geneticists, constructing data processing pipelines, and designing graphical displays of complex data.

Jr Developer

Eric Cheung

If you hear something exploding, I will likely cause it. I am a tinkerer. I slap things that do not belong together to see what comes out the other side. I experiment with crazy solutions sometimes because everything else sometimes fails. After all, the solution IS crazy.
I am a computer engineer. While I am usually neck deep in code, I like visual design and big-picture planning. I recently graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and am currently in charge of the ETL process and the monitoring of the application, as well as designing a user-friendly UI to be used with the program. I am also expanding my field into cybersecurity and machine learning. And I like to dabble in digital art and 3D animation.

Frontend Developer

Aizaz Khaja

Hey, I’m Aizaz, one of the developers here at MeSearch. Though my work mostly touches the front end (web and mobile), I get to explore other areas such as infrastructure/containerization and anything else that may be bleeding edge. It works for me, I love learning new things and finding ways to improve or optimize!

Quality Assurance and Project Manager

Bhagwati Subramaniam

A focused and result-driven Quality Assurance and Project Manager with over 10 years of experience ensuring the production of exceptional software, instituting process improvements, and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Previously worked with Healthcare Insurance Industry, Highmark, as a Business Process Manager in creating and automating their manual business processes, which are still in place today. Currently working in MeSearch as a QA and Business Process professional for the development and integration of business processes.

Graphic UI Designer and Photographer

K-Andre Harris

Graphic design is more than shapes, colors, and illustrations. It is the true method of expression of passion. I am a graphic designer from Portland, Jamaica, bringing over 5 years of experience elegantly designing corporate branding, UI, and websites. Let’s just say I am the colorful attribute to MeSearch Media. Top Tier Graphic Designer #levelup #bossing

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