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MeSearch is dedicated to supporting the digital transformation of the publishing industry by empowering publishers, Advertisers, businesses, and readers with the most powerful ai and data science.  MeSearch was founded in 2019 as a joint venture between 535 Media, LLC and Crivella Technologies as a powerful combination of data science technology and publishing/digital advertising domain knowledge.   

The MeSearch platform allows for the establishment of a complete digital ecosystem through a network of websites, content, ads, products, and first-party consumer data.      The network is being built through the adoption by publishers, and their vendors, of various products ranging from Neighborhood News Network hyper-local websites to automated content and search widgets functioning on their existing websites.   All content, ads, products, and user interactions are automatically analyzed and tagged using propriety techniques that incorporate, and build upon, traditional library science principles.   Patented techniques for analyzing data are then applied, along with search functions, to generate predictions of the best match for a user to content, ads, products, and actions.   The same data solutions that provide for optimized outputs also provide the perfect source of reliable and complete privacy law compliance data and methods.      

The technology was built upon the foundation of patented search and object-oriented data structures comprising the “Knowledge Kiosk” which was developed by Crivella Technologies.  This vast knowledge had been developed over the last 30 years and has been used to pioneer advances in the defense and manufacturing segments as well as for managing data in complex mass tort litigation.  Analyzing an enormous corpus of language allowed Crivella to map the written language patterns of 2,500 emotional states.   Decades of language corpus analysis in many fields created a rich base of topical tags and revealed language patterns that are constantly expanded upon and added to established library science principles.  MeSearch has brought this core technology and knowledge to the publishing industry and expanded upon it to create an amazing platform upon which a fair and equitable digital ecosystem is being established. 

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